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Living Future! Future Labs
Video. 2015
Director, Photographer

The German-Israeli Future Forum (DIZF) helps young adults take an active role in shaping bilateral relations by supporting proposals that address current social challenges in Germany and Israel. The Living Future! Future Labs comprised two conferences, one in Berlin and one in Tel Aviv, in which young Israeli and German civil society actors, artists, scientists, designers and many more came together for joint learning and to develop new project concepts, establish networks, and generate ideas.


The first four-day conference in Berlin called 'LivingFuture! Connecting Links' involved the presentation of both ongoing and completed projects supported by the Future Forum. Several workshops on topics including diversity, collaboration, and German-Israeli relations enabled the participants to engage with problems relevant to both Israel and Germany.

After getting the ball rolling and making acquaintances in Berlin, the second conference in Tel Aviv called 'LivingFuture! Shared Societies' explored the chances and challenges that emerge from living together in heterogeneous societies. 

The two videos present different topics explored in the conferences and convey the overall experience of the two events.

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