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The City & The Soul / Video Artist

Film, Video Installation, Experimental.

HD Video, 10 minutes, 2012

"Who doesn't know this elusive feeling, when you enter a room or abandoned space, and it resonates inside of you, like trying to tell you something you once knew but have long forgotten?
For many years I've been haunted with this feeling and it leaked into my dreams too. Somehow corridors, escalators, cement walls and abandoned or weird spaces became the visual metaphors for my anxieties, my relationships, my hopes and my fears.
This project is an attempt to expose my personal Dream City to the light of day. To penetrate, explore and present the shadow city that forms from the resonance of the actual rooms, buildings and streets of Berlin. To decipher the city as a built metaphor to the human soul". (Part of my entry in the show's booklet)

This video was the main part of a video-installation I made for the performance 'Constructing Resilience', by Ehud Darash.

It's a visual exploration of urban architecture's effect on the human spirit, inspired by Walter Banjemin’s ‘Early Childhood in Berlin’. At the performance, the film was screened on the ceiling of a backstage corridor - forcing the viewers to lay on their backs and "dream".

with choreographer, Ehud Darash.

Part of

‘Constructing Resilience’, Tanz im August, Berlin 2012

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