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About Falling / Video Artist

Film, Installation, Performance.

HD Video. Different lengths. 2011-2012

From the spring of 2011 until the summer of 2012, I co-worked as a video artist with the Berlin-based Israeli choreographer Ehud Darash. This project had three different stages:
‘About Falling’, ‘Memorial’ and ‘About Resilience’. Through its many iterations, it involved an introspective exploration of resistance and resilience, coupled with practicing a physical gesture of a fall. This fall was performed and documented at a wide range of public protests, intentionally spanning the full range of Israel’s political spectrum. The combination of an introversive action dealing with conscientious, recurring resistances to everyday patterns that concluded with mute bodies lying down in the turbulent street, explored the tension between hopeful public action and underlying impotence, as well as other characteristics, of the broader Israeli street.

with choreographer Ehud Darash

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